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Prior To Meeting


Ian Oliver funeral Celebrant


It is important before we meet for the first time that you can have some relevant personal information about the deceased to hand. Each service is composed specially making it a unique and personal tribute to the deceased.If you can have any of the following ready for our meeting it would be most helpfull:


Where the deceased was born, and where they lived throughout their life as they as they grew up

Their children and family members they grew up with

The schooling and any relevant stories of their childhood  as they grew up

Any partners, children and grandchildren

Their close friends

Did they complete national service

Their career path and places of work and work colleagues

Were they members of any groups , Masonic organisations, societies or hobby groups

What were their hobbies, interests and acheivements

Can you think of any memorable moments

What were the deceased musical tastes

Can you think of anything for which the deceased would be remembered especially for saying or doing?

Who else might be taking part in the funeral service by saying any readings, poems or euology



This service is tailored especially for you as a personal tribute to the deceased so if you would like any particular pieces of music played or any special poems or readings read please mention this to me on your meeting.



Telephone  07708252469



Get in touch.

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