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Child in Green Chair

What is a baby naming ceremony ?

It`s an opportunity to officially name a child and allows the perfect chance to declare your obligation to be a good parent in front of family and friends. Many parents are now opting for this option as it can be religious or non-religious and can be the ideal alternative in mixed religion families. The majority choose this option as its more modern and can take place in any venue for example, golf club, private function room, community centre hotel etc etc. 

Happy Mother with her Child

Unlike in traditional christening ceremonies Ian likes to involve all those present at the baby naming in the ceremony even if only briefly. Ian will work with the parents and involve them plus the guardians (godmother and godfather) grandparents' siblings or other family members can all be brought into the ceremony itself  giving evey one a sense of having taken part.. 

Newborn Baby
Child on the Bed

The venue

The baby naming ceremony can take place in the family home, a garden if weather permits, golf club function room, hotel etc. all which permit both the ceremony itself and the celebrations afterwards all in the same venue. Ian will help guide you through all the different options you have for this special day.

Telephone Ian on 07708252469

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