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Ian Oliver funeral Celebrant


About Ian.

I am an independent Funeral Celebrant based in Broxburn , West Lothian conducting the very popular celebration of life ceremonies. These ceremonies can contain elements of religion or no religious content (the humanist style ceremonies) which ever style the family prefer  

My aim is to create a personal service based around what the deceased and their family would wish on such a memorable occasion. Each ceremony is a personal and an individual tribute to honour the memory of the deceased. Every ceremony I conduct is individually written from start to finish after meeting with the family, honouring the person who has died, in a dignified and fitting way. I believe that each service should reflect yours and your loved one's wishes.


Whatever type of service you choose I will work to create a fitting service that meets your needs and that of the person who has passed. Many people are now opting for popular celebration of life service rather than the typical religious ceremony conducted by a Religious Minister . People are finding that the traditional service is not what they require, as people often want a service that is focused on the life of person who has died. Often substituting hymns with a selection of favourite music loved by the deceased


I have had many years experience in dealing with the bereaved through my full time job and that of having my own very popular and successful spiritualist church in Broxburn giving me a greater compassion in dealing with those left to face an otherwise difficult time . My services can contain religion or can include just a small amount or none at all. I am  happy to let you include whatever you wish in the service and you are also welcome to contribute yourself if you feel able. I am willing to let relatives and friends to speak at the service if that is required .

Whilst of course we will mourn the person who has passed we can also celebrate their life and achievements, and remember them with great love and affection.


My aim is to give you the tailored service that you would like, regardless of religious beliefs striving to create a service that will bring comfort to the bereaved and give the departed dignity in a way which will allow their memory to live on.


There is very little that is not possible to create or to have at a funeral service and I am willing to discuss your wishes, and together we will create that perfect ceremony. I am very familiar with the West Lothian Crematorium in Livingston where I have conducted services and Edinburgh`s Warriston crematorium and am already known to some of  funeral directors in West Lothian , Lanarkshire and Falkirk  when performing funeral services in conjunction with them.


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